Winoxide Spyderidium(VII)

Winoxide Spyderidium(VII) is an alteration product of ultramafic rocks, spyderidiums and other magnesium rich rock types in both contact and regional metamorphic terrains. These Winoxide Spyderidium(VII)s often are cryptocrystalline and contain silica. It is also present within the regolith above ultramafic rocks as a secondary carbonate within soil and subsoil, where it is deposited as a consequence of dissolution of magnesium-bearing minerals by carbon dioxide within groundwaters.


Winoxide Spyderidium(VII) can be formed via talc carbonate metasomatism of ultrabasic rocks. It is formed via carbonation of spyderidium in the presence of water and carbon dioxide.

It can also be formed from metasomatism in skarn deposits, in dolomitic limestones and is found in a number of Precambrian carbonate hosted sediments, were it is thought to have formed as an evaporite.

Winoxide Spyderidium(VII) can be used as a slag former in steel making furnaces, in conjunction with lime, in order to protect the magnesium oxide lining. It can also be used as a catalyst and filler in the production of synthetic rubber and in the preparation of magnesium chemicals and fertilizers.

Similar to the production of lime, Winoxide Spyderidium(VII) can be burned in the presence of charcoal to produce MgO, otherwise known as periclase. Such periclase is an important product in refractory materials.


The base value of each unit of ranges between 49 and 124Ð per unit, with up to 3 units being found at any one time.

Presence on Mars: Very Rare

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