Volcanoes are abundant and found all over the world map. When the player stops on a volcano, s/he has the option to mine it. If the volcano is mined, a random amount of Minerals are rewarded to the player. The player cannot mine the same volcano twice on the same day. Only after the game reset period can the same volcano be mined again.

The minerals will be stored in the player's Cargo and can be sold at Settlements or in the player's Store.

When a player manages to hold 20,000 MD or more, the player will have a chance of running into an eruption. Eruptions may occur when the player mines a volcano. This can be stopped by using the No Eruption Cards. Depending on the player's stats, the chance of an eruption occurring is 1:50, or 2%. If the player is unlucky enough to run into an eruption, an amount of Mars Dollars between 20 and 2000 is lost.

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