Mysterious artifacts of unknown origin, timewarps allow the exchange of Star Cards and Mars Dollars for MD cards. After activating, miners have reported odd fluctuations in their weapons and defense systems.

A timewarp can be opened by any player after completing the Time Crystals Mission. It remains open for twelve hours. Normally players convert lesser star cards to Black Star cards. Marvin can be asked for the time remaining on the oldest still active timewarp with the phrase:
Marvin: Timewarp

If prompted within the last five hours that a given timewarp is open, Marvin will also provide the coordinates of that timewarp.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Timewarps, regardless of where they appear, always lead explorers into a vast, ancient city. Readings and observations taken from within the timewarps indicate that all of them open into a roughly 1000 - 2000 year long stretch of time, approximately 1,000,000 to 1,200,000 years ago. While the machinery present in the city is still functional and there is very little evidence of wear or tear on the buildings, there is no evidence of Martian presence in the cities. The ecological decay of the surface was already well underway by this period in Martian history, although it has not begun the significant breakdown of the cityscape that is evident on current Mars.

Numerous prospectors working on resolving the recurrent Martian Plague have reported that there are landmarks that clearly map certain locations in the past to current ruins. This leads Central Trading researchers to the conclusion that the city visited via the timewarps at one point completely covered the entire currently powered area. Very few clues to Martian culture or language have been found among the ruins.


Once activated, the player will receive a private message similar to the one below. The coordinates listed will be the location for your timewarp. This location can be kept to yourself but is more typically shared with the group via chat.

"You align your sensors to the crystal's frequency and notice the dampening of both your weapons and defense power. Your long range scanners report an immediate power spike at 258N, 249E. You also feel a wave of nausea and the crystal's energy is imprinted on your aura. After a few moments the feeling passes, but you know that you will never see the time crystals again."

The Aura Cleansing Mission allows the Time Crystals Mission to be redone but decreases defense for a few days.

Conversion table in moves per cardEdit

Star Card Normal Warped to Black
White 1 2.67
Purple 1 2.67
Orange 1.5 2.67
Green 1.5 3.33
Brown 1.5 3.33
Rainbow 1.5 3.33

Cost Card
1,300 MDs 1K MD Card
6,500 MDs 5K MD Card
13,000 MDs 10K MD Card
32,500 MDs 25K MD Card
  • Note: For strange reasons, few wander around with 32,500 MDs, the price of the 25K Card is infered from the 1.3 MDs/1 MD Card rate.
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