Subscribers, also known as Subs, are particularly valued by Exodus3000. This is because they are the primary source of revenue to pay for cashouts. Accordingly, being a subscriber grants a player many benefits.

Immediate BenefitsEdit

These benefits become active immediately after the subscription has been applied

  • Access to full activity log.
  • Access to full Hall of Fame listings.
  • Ability to use No Eruptions cards.
  • Survival Packs are no longer necessary to retain position after reset.
  • Return to Homestead becomes free.
  • Go To Store becomes free. (This option will only be available if you have completed the Store missions)
  • Highlighting mark in the in-game chat.
  • Unlimited Dig For Treasure opportunities at a discount of 250 Ð per dig.

One Month BenefitsEdit

These benefits become active after one month of continuous subscription.

Three Month BenefitsEdit

These benefits become active after three months of continuous subscription.

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