A new feature on mars where store owners can sell certain items for md and where players can buy items for MD, a store can be located on the map by searching for a X or by asking a store owner where their store is located. A store can be obtained by completing the mission A Business Opportunity, this mission requires 250K MD to complete.

Store Owners: When you first get your store you must add a item for your shop to open, you can either add 1 item at once or tick the restock tab to restock when the item has been sold until you run out of that item.

There is only 1 rule to selling items and that is the minimum price (details below) Also note that there is a tax on adding items currently 10%

Items that can be sold or bought are as follows:
Description Minimum Price ___ Description Minimum Price
Anytime move(s) 8 MD/move Settlement Takeover(s) 200 MD/item
White Star(s) 8 MD/item Survival Pack(s) 10 MD/item
Purple Star(s) 8 MD/item Teleport(s) 100 MD/item
Orange Star(s) 8 MD/item Avoid Eruption(s) 100 MD/item
Green Star(s) 9 MD/item 1000MD Card(s) 1300 MD/item
Brown Star(s) 9 MD/item 5000MD Card(s) 6500 MD/item
Rainbow Star(s) 9 MD/item 10000MD Card(s) 13000 MD/item
Black Star(s) 15 MD/item 25000MD Card(s) 32500 MD/item
Yellow Star(s) 3000 MD/item Force Card(s) 15000 MD/item
Blue Star(s) 4000 MD/item Upgrade Card 40000 MD/item
Homestead Assault(s) 10 MD/item
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