Ruins are the remains of what used to be a settlement or an outpost. There is evidence that some very rare ruins are actually the remains of the Martian Cities accessable through the Timewarps.

When a player finds a ruin, they may look what is inside. Ruins contain Mars Dollars, but they leave equal to less than what volcanoes contain. Like volcanoes, jackpots can be found, and the amount of Mars Dollars found in a jackpot possibly ranges from 80 to 150 MD, and unlike volcanoes, there is no way to lose Mars Dollars when looking through a ruin. There are fewer ruins than volcanoes, though.

As of April 30th, 2010, whenever a player searches a ruin, they have a 20% chance of finding one of the items that are normally found in Abandoned Homesteads. This was done to help compensate for the sudden lack of Abandoned Homesteads after the Purge

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