Referrals are people that join the game through a link that you provided. Each time you recommend someone to join Exodus3000 and that person registers in the game, you are automatically referenced by them, and if they follow the referral rules you win a bonus! Having certain amounts of referrals gives your additional bonuses. (see below for info on additional bonuses)

To get someone to refer you, they will need to click on your Exodus3000 referral link (see below for info on referral link).

When someone clicks on your referral link, registers an account, and plays at least 200 moves, you will receive 100 MD and 50 free moves! There is no limit to the number of referrals you can have.

Referring other people is not required to play Exodus3000. You do not need to refer other people to get your 250 daily moves or to be able to purchase additional moves or get paid. Referring is completely optional.

Never the less, there are some good additional bonuses for having certain amounts of referrals.

Additional Referral BonusesEdit

5th 100 additional moves
10th 500 additional moves
20th 1000 additional moves
50th $5 cash
100th $10 cash
250th $25 cash
500th $50 cash

Note: to claim your additional bonuses, you must send a request to

Referral LinkEdit

You will find your referral link on the Exodus3000 homepage, once you have registered to the game and logged in, by clicking on the 'Referrals' link on the left hand side menu of the homepage. You will also be able to see the amount of referrals you have and the remaining number of moves each referral has to play in order for you to receive your referral bonus.

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