The official designation of all miners, explorers, and other members of the exodus that fall under the jurisdiction of Central Trading. Each prospector is issued a set amount of equipment once their petition for independant operator status is cleared. The biggest component of this equipment is the Replicated Earth Environment Modular Homestead Unit, also known as a Homestead. The other significant peice of equipment issed to prospectors is the Areomineral Recovery & Exploration Vehicle. The REEMHU provides the prospector with a centralized base of operations, while the AREV provides them with the tools they need to mine the volcanoes of Mars.

Once the PIO is cleared the prospector is transported to their REEMHU site and given the security access codes for the base module. Central Trading understands the volatile nature of some of the other prospectors on Mars and offers numerous outposts at which prospectors may buy numerous security and defense upgrades to their REEMHU, or weapons and intelligence upgrades for their AREV.

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