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This is the wiki for the free internet game, Exodus3000. This browser based game was developed by Eric Paulson of Viking Web Development, Inc. The game first went live in August of 2006, and has since seen rapid growth of the player base and the community around it. In August of 2009, the game was purchased by the three other administrators, Jason Hosler, Rick Morgan, and Krista Ardnt and has seen a significant number of changes put in place since then.

Exodus3000 is a cash-payout game, meaning that after earning a predetermined amount of in-game money, a player has the option to request a cash-out. Cashing out resets the majority of the in-game facets of the character while providing the player with a real-world cash amount based on how much in-game money the character had at the time. Players must follow a specific procedure to request a payout, but it is relatively simple and straight forward to do so and the majority of players have not reported any difficulty in receiving their payment.

The game itself is set roughly 1000 years into the future, after the Planet Earth has been rendered uninhabitable due to a catastrophic event. The survivors of the Human race have fled to Mars where each player assumes the role of a prospector and has an individual homestead. From their homesteads they must venture out and explore the surface of the planet looking for Mars Dollars and Minerals. The game map is populated with volcanoes, ruins, outposts, abandoned homesteads, craters, plains, dunes, stores, and settlements which provide mining and searching bonuses for both their governors and joined members. In addition to gaining in-game money, Minerals, there are cards to be found and missions to be completed.

The player can also upgrade his or her game stats; weapons, defense, intelligence, security, Cargo Capacity, Storage and radar to become more competitive in the game. A huge number of missions are also available, with new ones being added periodically.

The game is still in development and the Administrators are constantly in contact with the players, through the Game Forums and through the game's IRC channel. The forums provide players with a means of communicating directly with each other as a group, as opposed to using the in-game messaging tool, as well as allowing them direct access to the Administration of the game. Trading of cards and Mars Dollars can also take place in the forum.

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